Mar 15, 2009

More comments on SDWEST´09

Agile vs. Traditional

On Wednesday, March 11, Scott Ambler and Terry Quatrani gave a fabulous keynote about traditional vs. agile sw dev. The setting was Scott playing a ¨hello, I am PC" role representing the traditional approach, and Terry playing the "hello, I am Mac" role representing Agile. Those of you who know Scott Ambler can very well imagine how hard it was for him to play his role, given the strong advocate to Agile that he is. In a very entertaining fashion and with the help of some images they showed aspects of tradional sw dev and how agile approaches the same issues. Terry's catch phrase for the keynote was "...delivering what the customer wants!"

Scott then proceeded to show some of Dr. Dobb's survey results, showing some eye opening results showing that agile teams do more modeling and generate almost as much documentation as their Traditional counterparts. Maybe more surprising were the results showing that team distribution is less affected by agile than by traditional organizations; i.e., Agile teams have a higher success rate.

Note: Source for the following diagrams was taken from Scott Ambler's 2008 survey via Dr Dobbs. The modeling diagram is a manicured version of the table he published.

Strategy for modeling


Success rate

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