Oct 7, 2009

A principle to a better you, a better team, and a better enterprise.

Larry Gelwix, coach of the Highland Ruby Team (with a 413-9 win-loss record between 1984-2009), motivates his team to never do anything that will lessen themselves, their team, or their families. This principle can be applied to agile teams to never do anything that will lessen themselves, their team, or their enterprise. I consider this to be a key ingredient to achieve hyperproductivity.

Key ingredients to hyperproductivity: executives

For an enterprise to achieve hyperproductivity it is key that executives:
  • Buy-in agile-lean and ensure that adoption takes place at all levels of the enterprise, not just at the bottom. Team effort really means corporate effort.
  • Be involved by actively and continuously participating in the creation of the products and services the enterprise offers to its customers.
  • Delegate decision making to the downline ensuring that decisions are made where it matters most and where more value is added.
  • Let go of command and control over their organizations, and instead guide them.
  • Provide service to their organizations by ensuring their employees have the means (tools and knowledge) to get the job well done.

Oct 4, 2009

Code Camp '09

Attended Code Camp '09, held at Foothill College in the San Francisco Bay Area, on the first day (missed Sunday... preparing documents for my next business trip). The amount of attendees was quite quite possible higher than originally expected since some sessions were relocated last-minute to larger rooms. Organizers did a great job is making it very flexible in terms of logistics, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

I focused on attending sessions from the Agile track and they all were fun, very relaxed and informative. Most of the contents were at introductory level and adequate to most of the audience. A good aspect was that the subjects of discussion were atomic which allowed a discussion-and-participation format instead of a lecture or presentation format. As result the attendees got most of their questions answered. Unsure if and how presentation slides will be published. I'll post another blog with such info once I have it.