Aug 4, 2009

Jim Highsmith's new book

I had the opportunity to meet Jim Highsmith at the Marriott Hotel in Mexico City's Reforma, where he gave a course on Agile Project Management through the Cutter Consortium. Jim is a very enjoyable person with a great sense of humor and enough anecdotes on agile to entertain people for weeks.

Started reading the recently published second edition of his book Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products. This book is to become a must-read for all people interested on Agile, whether or not they already practice it. It covers from the basics to in-depth aspects of project management that are of high concern to enterprises of any size. The focus is very practical and it is organized in a way that introduces people new to APM in a fluent way. The first portion of the book, chapters 1 to 5, introduces some practical principles and a model as a means of introduction. The second part, chapters 6 to 10 explains the different phases in which a project can be structured. The third part focuses on scalability, governance, cost, schedule, and scope; all of them issues of high concern for companies considering agile adoption. The final chapter discusses the need for a shift in thinking about how we develop products.

Reading this book will save you the need to read a large amount of other literature oh the same subject.

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