Aug 12, 2009

SG article on Agile-lean with standards and models

Software Guru published my article on agile-lean with standards and models, which has two objectives. I try to clarify the distinction between standards, models, and values because I often see people use them as if they meant the same and because they are used the wrong way in practice. I also indicate some ways in which agile-lean can be used in enterprises that require governance under a standard or a model.

The contents of the article published are edited from the original article I sent, which is often the case when publishing articles on a magazine. For those of you who would like to read the original you can find it on my website's documents page under the title:
  • Spanish version: "Beneficiando est├índares y modelos mediante agile-lean"
  • English version: "Agile-lean benefits standards and models"

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