Nov 27, 2009

Lean-Agile could've saved this company

Air-Go was a software services company that went belly up. It's former CEO reported 10 reasons it failed. When I read about it I couldn't stop wondering where that company would be nowadays had it been an lean-agile company. I identified 8 of the reasons could've been fixed doing lean-gile
1. Poor people interaction. There was too much focus on personal benefit instead of team and business benefit. Also, interaction with customer was low.
2. Lack of vision. Chartering was never done and the company had no direction.
3. Different values. Individuals and teams were not on the same page with respect to what value should be added and how to add it.
4. Lack of focus. Teams handling too many projects at the same time instead of one at a time.
5. Overestimating. No knowledge of their teams' velocities.
6. Failed often but late. Most of their projects failed and failed too late.
7. Too much planing and very little execution. BDUF!
8. Overconfidence and designing for best-case scenario. Lack of planning and incremental/iterative development.

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