Dec 8, 2009

First MexAPLN meeting

The first MexAPLN meeting took place today at 7:45 PM at the Marie Callender's restaurant in Mexico City located on Insurgentes Avenue. Attendees were executives from diverse entities: Sergio Eduardo Duran Rubio (Accival), Martin Villalba Paredes (FIDEM), Alejandro Escamilla (Software Guru magazine), Armando Peralta and Ivan Carlos Rivera (Infotec), Jesus Flores, Jennifer Vazquez and René Molina (Bytline), and myself.

After introductions I talked briefly about how agile got started under a bottom-up approach and how as time has passed by, the practices matured, and the chasm has been crossed, executives are taking a more important and proactive role towards adoption thus the increase of top-down adoption. I then talked about what APLN is and, as a case, how BayAPLN operates. Next explained the benefits that MexAPLN can provide to industry and to us as professionals by bringing awareness on agile-lean.

Last we talked about the success factors and did some action planning for the next meeting, that time to be held at a company instead of at a restaurant.

To finish we did an intro planning pocker exercise for those new to it.

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  1. Hi everyone!!! You can get additional information about the same meeting -MexAPLN-in Spanish reading :
    Armando Peralta