Dec 20, 2009

Last BayAPLN meeting of 2009

The last BayAPLN meeting, held a the Tacit Knowledge offices, was a retrospective of the year. There were 24 people at the meeting, which is low for BayAPLN meeting standards but understandable given that lots of people are either out of town, shopping, or wrapping things up at work to finish the year in balance.

What was done and accomplished throughout the year was quite impressive, for example:
  • 329 registrations at the yahoo group
  • 394 registrations at the linkedIn group
  • Average attendance per meeting was 44, and topped around 70.
  • We had a pretty good number of Agile-Lean celebrities giving presentations at meetings on topics related to agile and: current economy, adoption patterns, group coherence, learning games, agile transition styles, scaling scrum, Personas and story maps.
  • Co-sponsored the Agile Open California 2009 open space.
We also noted areas of improvement and action items for next year, such as:
  • Better task distribution
  • Make presentations more easily available on our website
  • Increase knowledge, e.g., adding terms on Wikipedia
  • Give support to new APLN chapters such as those in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Brazil
  • etc
We all look forward to an even better 2010. First meeting is Jan 19 and the activity is Chartering.

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