Feb 26, 2010

MexAPLN Feb 2010 meeting

MexAPLN Feb 2010 meeting took place last night at the offices of Software Guru Magazine, a modern looking floor with cool artwork on the walls. Definitely a nice place to work. We had 10 people, three of them new with one of them from the city of Puebla. The central topic was to thumbs-up our charter's vision, mission, values, and principles and will be available before the end of this week. The discussion was rather short thanks to off-line work by 7 members in that most of the discussions took place before the meeting. We did a first-pass at the objectives and will be discussing them further as well as the other parts of the charter with the intention to finalize it at our March meeting.

There are numerous ideas and enthusiasm to start executing. I don't see a reason for MexAPLN to become of of the best!

Note: Software Guru has been making reference to a blog in Spanish written by Armando Peralta, check it out!

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