Jun 13, 2011

LSSC11 Report

The Lean Software and Systems Consortium 2011 Conference took place last May 3-6 in Long Beach, California. This third conference was very impressive in more than one way. The conference grew 6 times since the 1st conference for a total of over 800 attendees from all over the world, literally; it lasted 5 days (day one was for workshops and a day long Technical Advisory Board meeting);  21 sessions/panels per day; daily keynotes; topic-games room; Open Space; Intoductory talks; and tools showcase. Even more important were the countless conversations and discussions on aisles and halls. The event was organized by NetObjectives, led by Allan Shalloway, and by David J Anderson & Associates.
The Brickel Key awards banquet was quite an event, with six world-class candidates. In alphabetical order Siddharta Govindaraj (India) for his toolsForAgile software, Russell Healy (New Zealand) for his GetKanban game, Chris Hefley (USA) for his LeanKitKanban tool, Richard Hensley (USA) for his work on Kanban with CMMI, Mattias Skarin (Iceland) for his work and publications promoting Lean and Kanban, and Yuval Yeret (Israel) for his contribution bringing Lean and Kanban to Israel. The awards went to Russell Healy and Richard Hensley. The diversity of origin from the candidates is proof of the worldwide impact of Lan and Kanban.
Presentations covered familiar topics such as adoption and improvements as well as new topics such as lessons from the military, psychology, chaos, innovation, and risk. I myself had the opportunity to present Lean Value Innovation. All sessions were recorded and will be made available by mid June at http://www.leanssc.org/membership/ were some content will be available for the general public on a rotating basis and all content will be available to members.
To many attendees this was the best conference ever, and I agree with that opinion.

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