Sep 24, 2009

BayAPLN September meeting update

Joshua Kerievsky gave a presentation entitled Agile Brushstrokes in which he made an analogy between software development practices, particularly agile practices, and painting styles. He mapped how certain art styles such as baroque (romanticism) and coco are rich, elaborate, and time consuming just the way traditional software development is; and some agile practices that get too heavy on governance or other controlling/monitoring activities could also get there. Compared also with expressionism, cubism, and impressionism. He mentioned that Impressionist Agile is the point at which the team moves so fast and fluently that aspects such as iterations and backlogs start fading away to allow room for more fluidity, but made sure to point out that to get there it is very important to get the basics well-rooted.

Make sure to assimilate the values and principles, understand fully the methodologies, and practice them for a period of time before venturing into exploring new forms otherwise you may end up in the same--or worse--shape than you were before adopting agile.

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