Sep 30, 2009

Making great customer service even better

It was yesterday that I finally went to the Apple store to get Snow Leopard for my macs and in addition getting a Time Machine / Airport which I needed bad since my old router had become more than just a pain. I was a happy camper upgrading my MacOS but the happiness started fading away as I proceeded with the installation of the Airport and started running into problems. At first I thought the problems were with Comcast, my ISP, since that's where the problems have been in the past. I tried several ways and none of them worked. I went to sleep late last night frustrated by the fact that I couldn't fix the problem.

This morning I contacted Comcast and they said things on their end looked good so I tried once again to no avail, at which point I contacted Apple. Mind you, Apple has great customer care and effectively they helped me out right away. Oh, but the bump on the road became clear when the Apple representative told me there is a known problem when setting a guest network and so I should not set that network until the fix is published by Apple hopefully soon.
If Apple knew about it how come they did not make that info readily available to (a) keep customers happy with an effective temporary solution instead of frustrating customers who wasted lots of time trying to make things work, and (b) reducing their operational expenses related to this issue?

Lean-Agile enterprises make sure that efficiency doesn't stop when the product is done but goes beyond those boundaries to reach post-production. Customer care is a paramount aspect of it. Being proactive instead of reactive reduces inventory, movement, and unbalance.

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