Sep 4, 2009

A good start, part 1: Include your customers from day one.

I spent the last three days training around 30 people from Bursatec, one of the most important financial systems enterprises in Mexico, which is responsible for the software systems for most of the Mexican stock exchange . The attendants showed lots of interest through their continuous participation, discussions and questions. It was great how inquisitive they were because it showed legitimate interest on learning Agile-Lean, how to use it effectively, and identifying what is beyond its scope. One important area of difficulty they emphasized upon was governance; not from the agile-lean standpoint but rather from the regulatory side in terms of allowing things to be done that way.

Of all things, the one I particularly liked was that for the first time I had a group where participants included the actual customers (2 of them). That gave a great opportunity to both the P.O.s and the customers to better understand how important they are in the success of their projects and the right way to do their part to be successful.

Kudos to Bursatec for a good start!

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