Sep 12, 2009

A good start, part 2: Get your executives on the same page

After training Bursatec on scrum and itroductory-level agile management, I had the opportunity to give a brief talk to the executive team of Indeval--the intitution in charge of financial assets within the Mexican Stock Exchange. All excecutives were very receptive and discussions were right on target although short due to time limitations. I think there was a good outcome and executives seem interested on learning more.

It was easy to see why Indeval is such a successful enterprise: executive involvement, timely decsion making, front-running, investment on infrastructure and personnel improvement. Their current work towards lean-agile adoption is an important step forward as well.

Their got a good start and I look forward to working with them on stage 2 of their lean-agile adoption consulting for them and providing more training.

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