Dec 30, 2009

Gotta love Apple's service :-)

All my experiences with Apple Computer's customer care service have been no less than awesome, and my last one topped them all.

Two days ago I brought my MacBook Pro to the Los Gatos store because I wanted to see if it was possible to give it a general clean up. There was nothing operationally wrong with it. The person who took care of me told me they do not offer service that consists of just cleaning the machine up from the inside, so I thought that was to be the end of the story and I would go back home with the machine as-is. To my surprise he had a second look at the laptop, noticing some dust specs on the monitor that I have pointed out and also noticed a good amount of wear on the keyboard. He decided to accept the machine reporting those issues and told me the machine was going to be ready in 5 to 7 business days.

Well... just two days later (today) I got a phone call from the Apple store to inform me the laptop was ready for pick up and so I assumed the technicians looked at it and set it for pickup without having done anything to it other than replacing a missing screw on the back. What a surprise when I picked it up. Apple replaced both the screen (the entire part, including the shell which I noticed because the original one had a dent) and the keyboard. The laptop is now as good as new and the cost of parts and labor was nothing... zeppo... nada because it is still under its 3-year warranty. I honestly expected the warranty to cover actual damages that required repair and not the minor issues my laptop had due to wear and tear.

Apple, you rock!

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